Car Parking Shades

We, at ROOFERS are mastered in manufacturing and installation of wide range of shades for various purposes and crafted according to the customer needs. We provide variety of shades for car parking, swimming pools, schools, parks, hotels, malls and factory tanks. We also have shades for industries and machineries including architectural hanging and cantilever shades with installation services all over Pakistan.

Our team will create a shade that fits the appearance and style needs of our customers. We’re always on time and light on your budget.

Different variants are:

  • Arch Type
  • Bottom Supports
  • One Single (single pole)
  • Pyramid Arch
  • Sail Design
  • Single pole Double layer
  • Cantilever Shade
  • Waves Design
  • Umbrella Type

Swimming Pool Shades

We also offer best-quality Shades for Swimming Pool covering in the market. The swimming pool can be covered easily with different style of tensile fabric structures as well as fully cantilever with the help of our quality tensile fabric coverings.

Other Shades