Epoxy flooring is used effectively in Acrylic floor designs, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Airports Hangars, bakeries, industries, hotels and restaurants. Exclusive flooring solutions and services based on your budget and long term needs for industries.

Epoxy flooring is an effective way to extend the life of your concrete floors in industrial and commercial environment. Epoxy coating provide easy to clean, low maintenance, antibacterial, hygienic, resistant to harsh chemicals, waterproof, and joint less surface.

Having expertise in the epoxy flooring and coating industry, we can offer customized flooring solutions to industries.

If you are searching for a reliable and professional epoxy flooring service provider in Karachi, then ROOFERS is the right place to be.

Our industrial grade epoxy flooring coating solution systems are specially developed surface protection system for every fields of application.

We offer various types of Industrial flooring systems for every kind of Industry ranging from health-con Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals. Food, Hotel, Restaurants to heavy duty Mechanical workshop.Automotive, Electromotive, Acid Manufacturer and Processor, Textile and other manufacturing concerns. We also offer services to residential and commercial projects.


Epoxy Services

  • 3D EpoxyFlooring
  • commercial EpoxyFlooring
  • industrial EpoxyFlooring
  • Wall and Celling (3D/Simple)
  • Metallic EpoxyFlooring
  • Industrial ScreedFlooring

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

The high compressive strength of our seamless, high-build industrial floor coating that exceeds 10,000 psi resists the movement of heavily loaded forklifts and trolleys. Our durable, slip-resistant and easy-to-clean high build epoxy surfaces can withstand heavy loads as well as increase light reflectivity. We make use of 100{761bfebb589db0aceca689acda92bec5edd841b4e960bf071d05a56b72d21eac} solid epoxy coatings. Protective coatings, epoxy flooring and containment linings to provide you with odorless installation services. Our 100{761bfebb589db0aceca689acda92bec5edd841b4e960bf071d05a56b72d21eac} sold epoxy coatings are free from any solvents that cause fire and shrinkage hazards during application.

Epoxy Works

3D Epoxy Works